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I have a finished object!!! I finished the Toddler Mittens a week before my niece’s Birthday, which I was really pleased about.

Toddler Mittens

Toddler Mittens

Took 3 attempts to get them right; with the first one I managed to completely miss out alternating plain knit rows when I was increasing the body of the mitten! The next two were better as I got used to the pattern.

Toddler Mittens

Toddler Mittens

They came out a little bigger than toddler size, but that’s most likely due to me forgetting to knit a gauge swatch, as usual…

Speaking of knitted gifts, an update (more for me) on my knitted gifts list:

  1. Wash Cloths: friend (surprise gift) –  DONE!
  2. Toddler Mittens: my Niece – DONE! Didn’t do a scarf in the end
  3. Beer Gloves: Alvin [ASAP]
  4. Mistake Rib Scarf: my Mum [Christmas present] – WIP
  5. Mistake Rib Scarf: my Grandma [Christmas present]

Gifts that are being postponed for after Christmas (no surprises for most of them!):

  1. Mistake Rib Scarf: my Sister [Christmas present] I’m doing socks instead now!
  2. Palm Readers: Me! [Whenever I have time]
  3. Star Crossed Slouchy Beret (using the same yarn to go with the Palm Readers): Me [Whenever I have time]
  4. Gretel hat: Me [Whenever I have time]
  5. Mr. Pitt’s Socks: my Dad [Christmas or Birthday present – 6th February]
  6. Tea Time Blanket: my Niece [Biggest project and of course I was convinced it’d be done by Christmas! I think it’ll post Christmas now]

So, it’s slow progress. I’m really hoping I’ll get the two scarves done in time for Christmas. Fingers crossed!


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