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So I mentioned in my last post that I would do something like 100 goals in a year, something similar to 101 goals in 1001 days. I’ve come up with the list below so far – some fairly similar goals here and there, but I’m sure I’ll add more as I think of them (although I doubt I’ll think of 100!).

Health and Wellbeing

  • Do some sort of exercise at least 3 times a week (yoga, walking, pilates, exercise vids etc.)
  • Work on my flexibility
  • Take my make up off every night (so bad at this)
  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Cooking & Eating

  • Try to think in terms of regret when making choices e.g. Am I really going to regret saying no to this dessert 5 years from now?
  • Cook more from scratch and cleanly
  • Try more recipes and cook from my cookbooks more
  • Less take aways
  • Bake bread more often (30 breads)

Beer Bread


  • Finish at least 2 pairs of socks
  • Finish the Starfish cardigan
  • Do more colourwork
  • Knit a few times a week
  • Dye my own yarn
  • Join a new knitting group
  • Start a quilt
  • Sew a dress
  • Don’t stop knitting in Spring/Summer!
  • Start Christmas handmade gifts early
  • Start Project Life!
  • Print out Instagram’s as magnets etc.


  • Plan 2 date nights a month
  • Call my grandma once every two weeks
  • Go out more with friends



  • Try and save 10% – 15% of my salary every month
  • Minimise craft buying

Travel/Going Out

  • Take more pictures (Instagram & with my digital camera)
  • Go on at least 2 or 3 holidays/trips abroad
  • Explore London more often and take weekend trips around the country
  • When it’s nice outside, go on more picnics, walks etc.


  • Blog at least once a week
  • Get creative with posts like photo an hour posts, colour posts etc.
  • Read 10 books
  • De-clutter the apartment

I was looking through the goals I set last year, and I was pleased to see that as far as knitting went, I accomplished some things I didn’t think I would. I started meeting up with a knitting group regularly (which I’ve since stopped). I thought I would never work up the courage to do so. I also tried colourwork for the first time at Christmas. They are Game of Thrones Direwolf mittens (LINK) and I have to say, once you bite the bullet and just go for it, it’s not as daunting as you think. And the mittens are turning out really nice 🙂

So, those are my goals for the year. I’ll do a post now and then to check up on how I’m doing.

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Having not been here for most of this year to review the goals I set out back in January, I thought I’d do a quick recap, see what I had written and if I have been working on any. Although the fact that I can’t remember what I wrote does kind of give you an idea that I haven’t really thought about them…

Back to knitting the sock again, after a long hiatus!

It’s still 2012 though, and being the the type of person that believes they can accomplish things in short spaces of time, I’m sure I can complete a handful of these!


  1. Have a go at Intarsia and/or Fair Isle. I did mention that it didn’t matter if this turned out to be just a practice swatch. It would still be trying Intarsia/Fair Isle for the firs time! There are a few patterns in my queue for knitted baubles and cushion covers which I’m sure I want to do leading up to Christmas
  2. Make at least 6 pairs of socks. Ahem. Well… I still haven’t finished that sock I was documenting on here! I certainly won’t be knitting 6 pairs, I’m not that optimistic about this goal! I’m sure I can finish the one pair at least though.
  3. Knit a jumper/cardigan. This could possibly be achieved. I really want to knit myself a cardigan or sweater, as I’m too picky with the shop ones. It would be great to accomplish this when the weather gets really cold.
  4. Learn some other knitting techniques. Aha! Now this one I can cross off!!! In creating the pair of socks, I have learnt how to do a short row toe and heel! I really enjoyed this new technique and once I got the hand of it, it got easier. I’m sure I will learn more new things, but I can at least I can say I’ve learnt one new thing 🙂
  5. Go to a Stitch London meeting. This goal I could have achieved whilst living with my parents, but trying to arrange going home every week and getting someone to pick me up after the meet ups would have been annoying. But now I’m living in London again, I don’t really have an excuse. I’m going to try and go to a meet up this year. At least one!
  6. And finally, knit more for myself. Well, as there’s not been much knitting, there obviously hasn’t been much knitting for myself. But hopefully I can rectify that with something for the winter months coming up. Maybe a pair of socks or cardigan with intarsia, and then I’ve knocked a couple of goals on the head at the same time 😉

Alvin's Birthday Cake - Butterscotch Layer Cake


  1. Keep on baking. I’ve baked a fair few things this year, which I’m pleased about. It’s been mostly for celebrations like Birthdays, so I’m at least continuing. I want to bake more often though. I’m crossing it off, even though it’s not the end of the year yet, as I’m being consistent – I made a Victoria sponge last Sunday 🙂
  2. Try out different recipes. Now we’ve got our own place, I am starting to try new recipes, but there’s still so many to try and so many cookbooks I own but have hardly tried.
  3. And then there are the usual goals – I’m exercising in the morning before work at the moment, since I can leave the flat later than when I was with my parents. Hopefully I can continue exercising in the morning as it’s really the only time I get to do it! As for other goals, I still procrastinate, but try not to, trying to eat healthier now we cook our own food. It’s a continuous goal!

All in all, it’s quite surprising to see that there are a couple of things I’ve kind of done! But I’m not surprised to see a lot not done, especially the knitting goals. But there’s still a few more months of 2012 left to accomplish some more!

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Happy New Year!

As this is my first New Year where I am knitting, I thought I’d write down some knitting goals to achieve this year. I call them goals, because I’ve never believed in ‘New Years Resolutions’ – I think this name gives people pressure to change whatever it is they are trying to change and eventually give them up. Obviously this is not always the case. Plenty of people keep their resolutions, but I am not usually one of them! So I am going to list ‘knitting goals’ for myself to achieve throughout the year (and maybe some non-knitting related goals to shake it up a bit). So, here goes:


  1. Have a go at Intarsia and/or Fair Isle. I have never done this before and to me this will be one of my biggest knitting challenges. I’m not putting the pressure on to knit a particular item using colour work, just to at least try, even if it turns out to just be a practice swatch.
  2. Make at least 6 pairs of socks. I’m putting a number on this one, as socks are very portable, quick to knit and as gifts, I think one of the most acceptable. I’ve joined the 12 Socks in 2012 group on Ravelry to help with this. I always admire hand knitted socks, so it’s time to just start knitting!
  3. Knit a jumper/cardigan (or sweater for those form the US). Another big knitting challenge. I want to at least try knitting a cardigan or jumper. Either for myself or a baby sized for my niece (which would be much easier!). Never knit one before, so why not!
  4. Learn some other knitting techniques. Apart from the colour work goal, I’d like to learn some different cast ons, maybe the magic loop method and possibly try lace as well.
  5. Go to a Stitch London meeting. I’ve always wanted to go to a knitting meet up with fellow knitters, but have never had the guts to just do it. It may sound silly, but to anyone else who’s is also a little on the shy side, you’ll understand! So this year, I need to bite the bullet and just go to one. They meet in venues around London, from 6pm (which is perfect seeing as I work in London) and I know I’d enjoy myself immensely once I’m there.
  6. And finally, knit more for myself. I have a bad habit upon learning anyone’s birthday or an event or holiday coming up – I get a sudden burst of inspiration to knit gifts for people. I love knitting things for people, but I need to be a little more selfish and make some items for myself. It also gets rid of the pressure of getting things done by certain dates!


  1. Keep on baking. Sounds a bit weird to say keep on baking rather than bake more or whatever, but in recent months I have been making the effort to bake things for birthdays and family gatherings, and I feel good putting in the effort and sharing the sweetness 🙂
  2. Try out different recipes. An extension of the above goal. I have my tried and tested favourites, it’s time I branched out and tried some different recipes. Not just baking, but savoury dishes as well. I have so many lovely cookbooks, I should try and step out of my comfort zone!
  3. And then there are the usual goals – eat healthier, start exercising again, procrastinate less…

..And I think I’ll leave it there before I list so many knitting goals, I won’t be able to even look at the list! Good luck to anyone else setting goals for the year ahead and hope you’ve had a great start so far!

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