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In the garden...

It feels like years since I updated this blog – way back in February. My last post showed snow! I’m afraid I have what is the usual set of excuses. Back when I did my last post, I think I was just getting into a huge project at work. We overhauled the company’s website design and back end system, and being the senior web designer, I was in charge of the branding, design and testing when it was launched. Since the site launched, things have settled down on the work front, so I’m not getting back home exhausted and not wanting to do anything.

At the same time as being busy at work, it’s also been busy personally. Alvin and me bought a flat in August! We knew it was the place for us when we set foot inside for the first time. It’s in North London (we were previously living with my parents outside of London), which means getting to work by walking and taking the Tube, no more having to leave places early to make the long trek back home, being able to meet up with people and stay out spontaneously… It’s all great!

At the Woseley having afternoon tea!

We have a spare bedroom, which will be great for people staying round, a nice big living room with a dining area to entertain and a little patio where I intend to start a mini veg and herb garden! I’m hoping that moving into our own place will help get me back into my favourite hobbies, like baking without worrying about messing up my mum’s kitchen etc.

I did manage to knit the baby booties I mentioned a while back for Alvin’s cousin’s wife. I made the booties using the KnitPicks Summer Vacation yarn I bought as the baby’s sex was going to be a surprise. I finished them in time for the baby shower and she loved them, I was so happy! She had a little girl in the end, so I can see myself planning more baby girl stuff to knit!

Baby Booties finished!

I also started on a red Beret from Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Superstar Knitting. I’m not sure whether I like it enough to wear myself or if I’ll give it away, but it’s a really fun knit. I love knitting cables! I  joined the Yarn to Knit yarn club for 3 months and received some gorgeous soft and squishy yarn. I’ll be making lots of socks with them!

Received 1st Yarn to Knit Sock Club - gorgeous and soft!
And that’s it for Yarn related things!

Big events happened this year as well. We went to the Olympics! Alvin managed to get tickets for the Women’s Hockey. It was an amazing day out, didn’t rain the whole day and was so pleased to have been at a once in a life time event. Everyone there was in a great mood, the sport was so fun to watch and I would go again if I got the chance!

Match 2 - NZL vs RSA

A sad event happened this year. Our dog Rupert had to be put down. He was old and not too well, although perfectly happy and not in pain until that point. His liver and kidneys failed and so we knew the time had come. He was the most amazing dog. I’m glad he’s not in any discomfort now and resting in peace in his favourite woods.

Rupert relaxing

It is now my favourite time of year: Autumn, and with Autumn comes the need to wear things a little warmer. I’m hoping to make a big dent in my stash this year and churn out projects for the colder months. Maybe not go quite so crazy with the knitted Christmas gift ideas like last year! But I definitely want to make a few things for family and friends. We’ll see 🙂

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Apart from the Toddler Mittens that I managed to finish in time for my Niece’s Birthday, the only knitted gift I managed to finish was my Mum’s scarf (it was finished Christmas Eve!). I started my Grandma’s scarf at some point though, but changed the pattern from a mistake rib to something else, but can’t remember what it’s called… Anyway, that’s still a work in progress.

My Mum's Scarf

My Mum's Scarf

Following on from my resolutions in my last post, I’ve started a basic sock as my first ‘12 Socks in 2012‘ project. For Christmas, I got ‘Socks from the Toe Up’ as I wanted a good book to tell me exactly what to do and where when knitting socks (as well as a book full of patterns that I want to knit, not just half of them). And I have to say, even as a beginner knitter, the book is clear and easy to follow. Of course, there were things that I needed to clarify by watching YouTube videos and looked up a few things, but I’m really please with how my sock is going!

Socks from the Toe Up

Socks from the Toe Up

It’s quite slow going with the sock. I’ve never knit with anything thinner than DK weight yarn and nothing smaller than size 4mm needles, and it’s also my first ever sock, so it’s to be expected that it’ll take a while to finish. Just a couple more inches and then I knit my first heel ever. I’m definitely going to cast on the second sock straight away to avoid second sock syndrome!

The sock is coming along nicely

The sock is coming along nicely

I know that one of my resolutions was to knit more for me. Well… these socks are for my boyfriend, Alvin… But I will definitely be knitting some socks for myself soon I think, carrying on the 12 socks in 2012 🙂

In other knitterly news, I purchased my first sock club subscription from Yarn to Knit. I don’t have the budget to spend £200 on a yearly knitting club, but this one seemed perfect. It’s 3 months at a time, £35 including p&p (so £35 for 3 months) and it’s lovely hand dyed wool. I love surprises, especially of the sock yarn kind 😉

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