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Goals so far


Having not been here for most of this year to review the goals I set out back in January, I thought I’d do a quick recap, see what I had written and if I have been working on any. Although the fact that I can’t remember what I wrote does kind of give you an idea that I haven’t really thought about them…

Back to knitting the sock again, after a long hiatus!

It’s still 2012 though, and being the the type of person that believes they can accomplish things in short spaces of time, I’m sure I can complete a handful of these!


  1. Have a go at Intarsia and/or Fair Isle. I did mention that it didn’t matter if this turned out to be just a practice swatch. It would still be trying Intarsia/Fair Isle for the firs time! There are a few patterns in my queue for knitted baubles and cushion covers which I’m sure I want to do leading up to Christmas
  2. Make at least 6 pairs of socks. Ahem. Well… I still haven’t finished that sock I was documenting on here! I certainly won’t be knitting 6 pairs, I’m not that optimistic about this goal! I’m sure I can finish the one pair at least though.
  3. Knit a jumper/cardigan. This could possibly be achieved. I really want to knit myself a cardigan or sweater, as I’m too picky with the shop ones. It would be great to accomplish this when the weather gets really cold.
  4. Learn some other knitting techniques. Aha! Now this one I can cross off!!! In creating the pair of socks, I have learnt how to do a short row toe and heel! I really enjoyed this new technique and once I got the hand of it, it got easier. I’m sure I will learn more new things, but I can at least I can say I’ve learnt one new thing 🙂
  5. Go to a Stitch London meeting. This goal I could have achieved whilst living with my parents, but trying to arrange going home every week and getting someone to pick me up after the meet ups would have been annoying. But now I’m living in London again, I don’t really have an excuse. I’m going to try and go to a meet up this year. At least one!
  6. And finally, knit more for myself. Well, as there’s not been much knitting, there obviously hasn’t been much knitting for myself. But hopefully I can rectify that with something for the winter months coming up. Maybe a pair of socks or cardigan with intarsia, and then I’ve knocked a couple of goals on the head at the same time 😉

Alvin's Birthday Cake - Butterscotch Layer Cake


  1. Keep on baking. I’ve baked a fair few things this year, which I’m pleased about. It’s been mostly for celebrations like Birthdays, so I’m at least continuing. I want to bake more often though. I’m crossing it off, even though it’s not the end of the year yet, as I’m being consistent – I made a Victoria sponge last Sunday 🙂
  2. Try out different recipes. Now we’ve got our own place, I am starting to try new recipes, but there’s still so many to try and so many cookbooks I own but have hardly tried.
  3. And then there are the usual goals – I’m exercising in the morning before work at the moment, since I can leave the flat later than when I was with my parents. Hopefully I can continue exercising in the morning as it’s really the only time I get to do it! As for other goals, I still procrastinate, but try not to, trying to eat healthier now we cook our own food. It’s a continuous goal!

All in all, it’s quite surprising to see that there are a couple of things I’ve kind of done! But I’m not surprised to see a lot not done, especially the knitting goals. But there’s still a few more months of 2012 left to accomplish some more!

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