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Knitting Stash: Knit Picks Aquisitions

Just before we went to Paris, I took advantage of the free delivery on Great British Yarns (one of the newsletter subscriber offers) and bought some Knit Picks yarn. I’d heard a fair amount about Knit Picks yarn (mostly from Kristen’s Yarngasm podcast!) and was so happy to find out that Great British Yarns sell Knit Picks to the UK. They have so many colours and I was particularly happy that they had the hand painted imagination yarn.

Knit Picks Yarn

Knit Picks Yarn

From left to right: Knit Picks Stroll in Aurora Heather (they are like fir tree green, you can’t really tell by the picture – 3 skeins ordered), Knit Picks Imagination in Unicorn (2 skeins ordered) and Knit picks Palette in Orange (3 skeins ordered). Two of the colours were on my Knitlist for October, so it’s nice to have a few items I wanted! They are all going to be knitted to make socks for other people. I daren’t talk any more about it in case those people read this and spoil the surprise! But just to say, these will be post Christmas gifts – I’ve got Christmas gifts still to finish!

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